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Terrazzo Polishing and Restoration Fort Lauderdale FL


Got Terrazzo Floors? . . . That Could Use Some Help?

Mary Ellen T. of Wilton Manors: “We were not sure what we could realistically expect, after all our terrazzo floors were over 60 years old. Mike restored our floors to their original luster, they are so shiny and smooth they look wet! We were really pleased with Mike. He is trustworthy and really takes pride in his work and it shows!"

PROBLEM #1: Over time marble and terrazzo floors become dull, scratched and often etched by acid-containing substances (i.e. foods, wine, cleaning products, vinegar etc.) Terrazzo, may have been covered for years by carpet or something else.
PROBLEM #2: Terrazzo may have chips and gouges in it from carpeting being removed incorrectly. Travertine may have “fills” that have popped out over time creating unsightly holes.
THE SOLUTION: The answer to bringing back the beauty to these floors is to have them professionally restored.

Professional restoration done the right way (not taking commonly used shortcuts) will bring the shine and beauty back to your floors. You will get a shine that lasts.
I use the tried and true diamond honing process employing premium products and equipment. I use a “wet” method that does not generate any dust! I was trained by Stu Rosen, considered by many to be one of the top restorers in the country. (By the way, Stu was taught by Maurizio Bertoli, the “father” of modern stone floor restoration.)
If your floor needs repair, especially your terrazzo, I’d be happy to do that for you as part of my service.

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