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Tile and Grout Cleaning and Color Sealing Fort Lauderdale FL


Got Tile & Grout . . . That Could Use Some Help?

Donna T. of Ft. Lauderdale: “I was actually thinking about replacing my kitchen floors because the grout was so bad and no amount of cleaning would help. I have to say now, they look practically new. Best of all, Mike color-sealed the grout so I never have to worry about dirty grout again. This saved me a fortune on getting new floors.”

PROBLEM #1: Typically, it’s the grout that makes your floor look dirty, not the tile itself (although, yes, the tile does get dirty). Grout is porous - it absorbs things. As you mop your floor, dirty mop water soaks into the grout (it doesn’t soak into the tile). When the water evaporates, the dirt remains in the grout pores, making your whole floor look dirty.
PROBLEM #2: The grout can make your floor look old and outdated (again, it’s usually not the tile). In the past (the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s) often the style was to have the grout color contrast with the tile color (if you had light tile, you would have dark grout and vice versa). These days the style is to have the color of your tile and grout more or less match - if it doesn’t your floor looks outdated.
SOLUTION #1: What if I told you I can make your grout look so clean people will think it’s brand new? What if I also told you it would be essentially maintenance free?
SOLUTION #2: What if I told you I could change the color of your grout to make it look totally updated? What if I told you I could do this without the expense and mess of tearing out your floor or tearing out your grout?

I provide a solution called Grout Color Sealing. After thoroughly steam cleaning your floors, a special protective coating will be applied to your grout lines. My tough-as-nails color sealer bonds to your grout to permanently change its color and provide an impenetrable barrier. Dirt, grime, juice, oil, wine and other spills are left on the surface making cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout quick and easy - no more scrubbing on your hands and knees! Old discolored grout lines are permanently covered with the color of your choice to make your grout look brighter and cleaner than the day it was installed, with an updated look. The process is clean and dust-free.  

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